Design review

Design review
Our design office will draw up a complete technical file for your attraction.
The Design Review, whether for a new design or an upgrade project, is a crucial initial step. E&S Rides is capable of providing all the technical documentation for an amusement ride or leisure installation.

Key elements included in a Design Review:

• Theory of operations: This involves providing a detailed explanation of the intended operation of the attraction. This approach helps formulate all the rules related to the automation and overall operation of the attraction, or possibly a new system in the case of an upgrade.

• Risk assessment: Assessing all risks comprehensively and proposing technical solutions to mitigate them.

• Electrical diagrams and Software Program.

• Operation and Maintenance Manual.

• Full stress analysis report: A comprehensive report on all fatigue calculations, ultimate limit state (static) calculations of the system or attraction.

• Mechanical drawings (manufacturing and assembly details) to indicate the required manufacturing specifications.

• We also conduct FAT/SAT (Factory Acceptance Tests or Site Acceptance Tests) to establish an overview of the necessary tests during the on-site validation of the attraction or system by a regulatory body. This approach allows us to efficiently organize processes, test all safety functions, adjust the program accordingly, and thereby facilitate the final inspection conducted by the on-site regulatory body.

This work ensures the quality of the installation right from the beginning of the project.

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