Structural analysis

Structural analysis
Structural analysis ensures the mechanical integrity of attractions by assessing their strength against constraints, thereby ensuring guest safety.
Structural analysis, also known as stress and deformation analysis, is a key discipline in engineering. It is dedicated to evaluating the stresses and deformations induced by external forces on materials and structures. This discipline plays a vital role, particularly in the amusement industry.

More specifically, structural analysis allows for determining the strength of amusement park structures. These structures are subjected to extreme loads, and this analysis assesses their ability to withstand these stresses. By collaborating with our partners, we anticipate and implement the necessary modifications to reinforce the structure and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, such as EN-13814.

In the amusement park industry, structural analysis is of paramount importance to ensure innovation with safety. It enables the anticipation and planning of structural improvements, whether it's for the introduction of new vehicles, track modifications, or strengthening existing structures. This way, amusement parks continue to offer exciting experiences while preserving the safety of their visitors.


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