Risk assessment

Risk assessment
Safety is the watchword in our business, and it is our top priority when it comes to carrying out or supporting each and every one of your projects.
E&S Rides provides a risk assessment service for your attractions.

This process aims to evaluate potential hazards and risks associated with any type of attraction. The objective of this analysis is to prevent accidents and incidents by identifying potential dangers. The goal is to implement appropriate safety measures to minimize risks and ensure visitor safety.

The service will proceed as follows:

1. Evaluation of existing ride: E&S Rides will conduct a complete evaluation of the existing attraction. We will identify specific characteristics of each attraction and analyze mechanical, electrical, and structural aspects to detect any potential safety issues.

2. Analysis of potential risks: Once the attraction is evaluated, the team will proceed with a detailed analysis of potential risks associated with the attraction. This will include identifying hazards, potential accident scenarios, and high-risk areas.

3. Recommended safety measures: E&S Rides will advise specific safety measures to address the identified risks. These recommendations may include mechanical upgrades, design improvements, enhanced control systems, regular maintenance protocols, and additional safety devices.

4. Risk analysis report: At the end of the analysis process, E&S Rides will provide a detailed report including the evaluation results, identified risks, and specific safety recommendations. This report will serve as a basis for implementing corrective actions.

The goal of E&S Rides is to ensure rides to offer a fun and safe experience for guests while helping attraction owners avoid serious incidents, protect their reputation, and comply with safety regulations.

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