E&S Rides provides comprehensive support to meet all your needs, from enhancing guest experience to ensuring safety and selecting attractions.
As a consulting service provider specializing in the leisure industry, we offer complete support to various players in the industry, whether they are operators, municipalities, or manufacturers. Our primary goal is to meet all your needs, whether they are operational or functional. Through our close collaboration with trusted partners, we are able to assist you at every stage of your projects, thus turning your ideas into attractive realities!

We often have the opportunity to suggest improvements that the client may not have considered, further optimizing various aspects of the attraction. Here are some concrete examples:

- Incorporating elements aimed at enhancing the visitor experience.
- Installing informative screens providing crucial data about the attraction, such as speed information, train locations, and detailed descriptions of faults, making it easier for maintenance technicians to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
- Adding restraint systems to vehicles that lacked them, thereby enhancing safety.
- Implementing locking systems to immobilize the wagon during passenger boarding and disembarking, ensuring visitor safety.
- Integrating drive wheel systems to move vehicles along the track.

When it comes to creating leisure spaces, we are also proficient in guiding you in selecting the most suitable attractions for your project. Through close collaboration, we develop a personalized specification that precisely aligns with your expectations. Once this fundamental step is completed, we present all the decisions made in detail, taking care to adhere to the criteria you have defined. We provide our expertise to ensure that your leisure venue is a success, both from an operational perspective and in terms of the experience offered to your visitors.

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